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Mark Villar in Duterte’s Cabinet: Bringing Conflict or Blessing into DPWH?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The world is indeed round as the popular Filipino saying goes. Those accused of corruption in the past are now having the time of their life with presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte’s coming into power – who in the first place vowed to topple corruption in the country.

Many questioned Representative Mark Villar’s appointment into Duterte’s cabinet as DPWH or Department of Public Works and Highways secretary whose father Manny Villar was a victim of media propaganda accusing him of the C-5 anomalies that favored his Real Estate projects. Cynthia Villar’s (Mark’s mother) popular comment on the rumor was: As if he needs it!

The outgoing administration’s strategy on suppressing the Villars did not help much in building new infrastructures for public service. Perhaps it is now Duterte’s time to show to the public that people who are publicly prosecuted via the media to ruin their political chances can be a blessing to the economy or country in general. Come to think of it. Where will Duterte get the huge budget for these new public facilities if there’s no Manny Villar funding them? Perhaps a good move, don’t you think?

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