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Martial Law Media Propaganda Style now ongoing with Duterte’s Oplan Rody

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President-elect Rodrigo Duterte cannot be bothered on what the media or the United Nations would say about his extra-judicial killings stint and raised the bounty for drug lords to five million – if dead, 4,999,000 Pesos if alive. He still did not give in to his cold war with the media and went ahead of his daily activities without breaks on.

“Oplan Rody”, the curfew operations that gathered many violators from poor neighborhoods aside from drug busting raids is now subject to massive media propagand just like in the martial law days. Many killings of innocent victims are now blamed to the tough plans of the president despite not being inagurated yet.

Duterte however was not discouraged. He even encouraged citizens to shoot and kill drug dealers who resist arrest and fight them back when the situation calls for it. Police and military will also be rewarded for the capture of drug lords “dead or alive.” So, no more surprises if visuals of dead bodies would greet your mornings via tri media and even social media. The culprits are really into destroying the reputation of the president – but too bad, Duterte himself is ready and will implement what is necessary even if his life is at stake.


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