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Matt Mullenweg’s Making WordPress an Open Source Led to Profit

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s really true that if you concentrate on helping people in your business, it will flourish in time and will stay for as long as needed. This is the strategy of the WordPress creator from the beginning. Open source and free of charge for those who would want to explore it – but when they want something more, they can but different themes that can be customized to their liking. Read more for this brilliant strategy.

Venture Beat posted: Matt Mullenweg, who created WordPress as an open-source blogging platform twelve years ago and turned it into a parallel, for-profit company called Automattic ten years ago. But WordPress is more than just a blogging tool; it’s an extensible platform and a massive open-source community. In this podcast, Mullenweg explains how he created the blog, nurtured the community, and how he balances the needs of an open-source project with those of a for-profit company. And that company, Automattic, is worth over a billion dollars, according to its most recent investors.

It adde: Mullenweg is a sincere, low-key, and remarkably effective CEO who does things very differently than most tech execs. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation with him. Listen to the podcast by clicking the link below:


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