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Mayor Binay Embraces Oplan Tokhang with Full Support to Police

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Makati Mayor Abby Binay has assured the Makati City Police Department (MCPD) of the city government’s full support for Oplan Tokhang, the nationwide intensive drive against illegal drugs.

The mayor commended the Makati police and urged all barangay officials to extend their full cooperation and assistance, particularly in the exclusive villages where police reported zero surrenderees.

“We commend our Makati PNP headed by PSSupt. Rommil Mitra for the encouraging results they have achieved in just a short time.

The next challenge is sustaining the anti-drug campaign through constant monitoring and collaboration between our law enforcers and barangay officials,” Binay said.

“All of us must work together to ensure drug-free communities,” she added. During the Peace and Order Council Meeting held Monday at Makati City Hall, SSupt. Mitra disclosed that as of July 16, 2016, a total of 734 illegal drug personalities have surrendered voluntarily, aided by barangay officials.

These consisted of 161 pushers and 573 users. He said among the 33 barangays covered by Oplan Tokhang, Barangay Pembo has the most number of drug personalities with 62 users and five pushers, followed by Palanan, 47 users and nine pushers, and Carmona, 48 users and two pushers.

Other barangays with drug personalities who surrendered to the authorities are as follows: Kasilawan, 23 users and 10 pushers; Olympia, 22 users and 6 pushers; Singkamas, 16 users and 9 pushers; Sta. Cruz, 7 users; Tejeros, 6 users and 5 pushers; Valenzuela, 16 users and 2 pushers; San Antonio, 5 users and 6 pushers; La Paz, 22 users and 3 pushers; Pio del Pilar, 12 users and 5 pushers; and San Isidro, 30 users and 4 pushers. Bangkal, 10 users and 8 pushers; Guadalupe Viejo, 10 users and 6 pushers; Guadalupe Nuevo, 28 users and 7 pushers; Pinagkaisahan, 41 users and 7 pushers; Pitogo, 32 users and 4 pushers; South Cembo, 33 users and 13 pushers; West Rembo, 30 users and 13 pushers; Cembo, 13 users and 9 pushers; East rembo, 10 users and 3 pushers; and Northside, 6 users and 4 pushers. Comembo, 4 users; Rizal, 17 users and 20 pushers; and Southside, I user and 1 pusher. Mitra reported there were no surrenderees from barangays Magallanes, Dasmariñas, Forbes, San Lorenzo and Urdaneta but they coordinated with the respective barangay captains.


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