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Mayor Herbert Announced No Classes on Monday via Social Media for Pnoy’s SONA

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Social Media really plays a very active part in today’s society and it really makes announcements very quick and convenient for the people involved in disseminating information. For instance, instead of holding a press conference, Mayor Herbert Bautista opted to make a general announcement over his Facebook account as quoted by GMA News:

The Quezon City local government on Saturday announced that classes in all levels in the city are suspended on Monday due to President Benigno Aquino III’s State of the Nation Address.

The Quezon City local government made the announcement on its social media accounts.

In his Facebook account, Mayor Herbert Bautista said classes were suspended to “lessen traffic and security threats” during the SONA

Online presence is very relevant these days especially at Facebook because according to this survey by About Tech, it changes Politics in 6 ways:
1. Politicians can be accessible to their Constituents
2. Allow them to specifically reach their target voters during campaigns
3. Drive the traditional tri-media to duplicate news found on it
4. Inspire the youth to vote thus increasing voting statistics
5. Organizing resistance groups became handy and
6. Easy to promote good intentions like world peace.

A politician should take advantage on the popularity of Facebook but like anything else, it has to be managed properly. Just a bit skeptical about the image used in the news though, it looks like security for the president is tougher than usual – and the caption stressed the importance on how to block protesters.

Image Source: GMA News

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