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Mayor Joy of QC Cannot Control the BBM-Sara Crowd that Serves as a Protest against Her


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: QC LGU Disappointed over BBM-Sara Caravan

QC LGU is Disappointed over Protest-like BBM-Sara Caravan

The QC LGU headed by its mayor, Joy Belmonte frowned over the massive crowd that invaded their territory. This is during the recent BBM-Sara Manila Grand Caravan. There has been disagreements between the local government and the organizers of the event earlier. That’s why the turnouts serve as a protest of the mayor’s unfairness.

Mayor Joy’s Rivalry with Cong. Mike Defensor

Cong. Mike Defensor runs under the BBM-Sara Uniteam for Mayor in Qc. The recent grand caravan gives him an edge to the current mayor when people are disgusted with her underestimating the Marcos supporters. The event is just like a protest against her leadership.

An Anti-Marcos

The congressman however explained that Mayor Joy has always been an anti-Marcos since 2016. He claimed that BBM knew it too. Nevertheless, they seek unity. That’s why they go through the proper process of organizing the event. But the Mayor was too tough on them. So, they diverted the plan to Commonwealth instead of the requested QC circle. Now, the LGU squeals for coordination for the alleged safety of the participants.

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