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Mayor Sara Choses Bongbong Marcos because He’s NOT Fickle-Minded

Mayor Sara

By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Mayor Sara: Bongbong Marcos is a firm decision-maker.

Mayor Sara Said No to the Presidency Since 2016

Mayor Sara Duterte addresses the Misamis Occidental crowd. She said no to running for president since 2016. The president’s daughter choses Bongbong Marcos because he can make decisions firmly. In the executive position, a firm decision-maker is needed, she added.

Meeting the Calls of Her Supporters Half-Way

Marcos had 4-terms at the gubernatorial level. He has experience in both the legislative and executive branches of government. So, to heed the calls of her supporters to run for a national position, she settles for the VP Post. She also asks the people to vote for her president. The Bongbong-Sara tandem must work together for the progress of the country.

Running Instead of her Father for VP

The mayor only decides to run for the VP post after she knew that her father wouldn’t do so. Therefore, they are still aligned with their agreement. No conflict whatsoever despite the strategic acts of her father.

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