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Mayor Sara Du30 Endorses Gov. Imee Marcos for Senator while She Braises for Re-election or VP Post in 2019?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara endorses Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos among her other endorsements for Senator and some other officials for the senatorial slate plus local positions during the launching of the Alyansang Bol-anon para sa Kausaban (Abaka). She was the guest speaker at the event. Meanwhile, the governor is also an avid supporter of the mayor’s “Tapang at Malasakit” campaign for her new political group. Gov. Marcos is a great believer of the Marcos-Du30 tandem or vice versa.

Youtube video by; DU30natics


Stop Giving the Country a Bad Image

Inday Sara as the mayor is popularly known, explains to the audience that it is okay to have dissenting opinions while discussing issues internally. It is not necessary to bring them to the international front. Doing so can be detrimental to the country’s reputation. She urges politicians to settle things in the country because it’s wrong to announce disagreements to the world without solving them first.

Make Terrorism Insignificant

Filipinos from the different sectors can contribute a lot in making terrorism efforts insignificant just by not elaborating on them. The terrorists seek for massive media exposures to popularize what they are fighting for. Mayor Sara implies that the people must not give satisfaction to the destabilizers by ignoring their crimes and to let the authorities deal with them head-on.

Plan for 2019

Mayor Sara Du30-Carpio reiterates that she has no interest in running for Senator in the May 2019 elections. “My plan is to run for mayor of Davao City for the 2019 elections,” she said. She feels that she is still effective as mayor of Davao City, which is a good neighbor to other places in the country.

Not Interested to be Senator

Mayor Sara told more than 1,000 participants of Abaka that the Senate is not for her since she is the silent type. “I feel that Davao City can help other LGUs with all the years of best practices. Davao City LGU produces relevant projects all these years. I think I can help more if I am mayor. I will ask everybody to come to Davao and look at what the local government has done for  Davao City,” she added.

The President is Human

The President is very imperfect because he is just human, said his daughter. This is quite true for all human beings who want to be true at heart. One can’t be genuine if perfection is projected. Immortals are vulnerable to life’s natural influences may it be in the manner of speaking or in expressing personal stands on various issues. As the mayor often said; experienced politicians will never announce to run for a  post way before the election. Since she already announced her alleged plan, this could very well change to VP if a transitory election for Federalism pushes through.

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