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Media Bluff Referring to Bongbong Marcos as Son of the Dictator is Fooling the Innocents


By: Elena Grace Flores
Manila Bulletin Online

What is a dictator?
A dictator is a political leader who possesses absolute power. Whereas, a dictatorship is a state ruled by one dictator or by a small clique. The Philippine constitution prevents that from happening. That is why the country has three branches of government for check and balance. The late president Ferdinand Marcos cannot be a dictator for declaring martial law. The move was approved by the senate as per the law of the land.

Son of the Dictator Headlines

The mainstream media got it all wrong again. To refer to Bongbong Marcos as the son of the dictator is just clearly maligning his bid for the presidency. They can never be neutral. Hence, journalism is not for them. They are just propagandists. To spread fake news for their own interest is very undemocratic. Therefore, whoever calls any leader in the country a dictator is a hoax.

Presidential Bid of Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos files his candidacy for president in the upcoming 2022 elections. This is under the Duterte support party, PFP. His VP running mate is yet to be known. This early, the media propaganda already starts to occupy social media. However, they disgust more people than obtain sympathy. A good sign that the people are already aware of the truth. So, there’s a big chance that Marcos can win.

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  1. Khit kailan ang main stream media ay bias at mapanira sa mga marcos.

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