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Media Interviewer Karen Davila Seems to be Out of this World when Asking about Bongbong Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: The out of this world line of questioning by Karen Davila

Online Attacks and No Media Interviews?

Karen Davila insinuates that anti-Marcos media journalists are under attack by allegedly trolls online. Bongbong Marcos’s spokesperson Atty. Vic Rodriguez said: Show us one troll to prove. But there’s no answer from her. In fact, it’s Marcos who is the main victim of cyber-bullying, he added.

No Interviews and Debates?

Davila also asks why BBM avoids media interviews and debates when she interviewed him herself. She even admits joining one of his sortes. Are SMNI, DYLA, CNN and others not media? Rodriguez asked. Not satisfied, she inquired about his platform which is explained a million times with the message of unity.

No Threats and Spokesperson?

The media anchor cannot understand also why Inday Sara urged their supporters to protect BBM. She seems to not know that being the frontrunner, BBM’s life could be in danger. She tries to intimidate Rodriguez by saying that BBM said that when he becomes president, he won’t have any spokesperson. But the smart lawyer immediately agreed to BBM’s pronouncement. Because he’s not insecure.

1 thought on “Media Interviewer Karen Davila Seems to be Out of this World when Asking about Bongbong Marcos

  1. Its a wasted years, wasted times now,so near to Vote….. and Let’s put within our minds heart and soul only one Love,one Heart’,in Unity go for BBM SARAH DUTERTE May 9 Election Day “Filipinos Voice” PHILIPPINES BECOME GREAT AGAIN

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