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Media Propaganda Works because Most Filipinos only Read Titles as per Marcos and Binay’s Cases

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Online writers already knew that digital readers only have very short attention span – thus the reason why long articles are abandoned just in one click.

In the Philippines, many do react after reading the title only. If it is against their beliefs, they immediately do something about it by attacking the writer based on personal experience. This has been observed since the Marcos era until Binay’s alleged corruption allegations – and still progressing.

However, writers do need to write compelling titles to trigger the interest of the readers. However whether the article is true or not is a different story. People just have to read the content to know. Otherwise, no one can be misled if the readers read the details given right in front of them by the writers who managed to put them all together with utmost consideration for not violating the Libel guidelines. However, this insight does not include the media that are paid to discredit others.

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