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Media Worried as BBM Meets with Mayor Sara Duterte


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Showbiz Fanaticz

BBM-Inday Sara Meeting Confirms Tandem
The meeting between Bongbong Marcos and Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio happens amidst calls by supporters for the presidential daughter to run for president in 2022. She repeatedly declines rumors that she wants to do that. Although she said once that she might run for Vice President. While Marcos announces that he is eyeing either a presidential or vice-presidential bid. Senator Imee Marcos graces the get-together. Therefore, social media talks speculate that the hottest tandem of Marcos and Duterte-Carpio is finally confirmed. Even Rappler, the opposition’s media is worried about the repeat of the 2016 scenario.

Seeking for Advice

The Marcoses’ visit to Sara four months before the filing of certificates of candidacies for the 2022 elections is a repeat of Bongbong Marcos’ meeting with then-Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte in September 2015. This was two weeks before the filing of COCs for the 2016 polls. At the time, Marcos was believed to be presenting himself as President Duterte’s running mate for 2016. I came here to ask for his advice because the deadline is near and these decisions have to be made already,” Marcos said in 2015.

It’s Finally Happening

Davao City Chief Information Officer Jefry Tupas said that Mayor Duterte thanked the Marcos siblings “for their birthday greetings.” The same goes to her husband Mans Carpio “for the lunch he hosted.” Sara turns 43 on May 31 which is a bit young for the presidency. Meanwhile, Marcos is in his prime for the most important position of the land. Social media sharings are non-stop as of this date and time of writing. Everyone is so excited online. This is such a nightmare for the opposition.

2 thoughts on “Media Worried as BBM Meets with Mayor Sara Duterte

  1. MARCOS-DUTERTE TANDEM will be undetectable. One represent Luzon and other represent Mindanao. Both of them have formidable connections in the Visayas. Former FL Imelda Marco’s is from Leyte and if I’m not mistaken, President Duterte have close connections in the province of Cebu. BBM is the most experienced and qualified among the Presidentiables whoever comes from the opposition or not. BBM had been a Vice-Gov., Governor, Congressman and Senator. While he was in both houses of Congress, he introduced/
    sponsored several bills for our country’s benefits.

  2. Marcos/Duterte tandem will be UNDEFÈATABLE

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