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Meralco’s Tree Trimming Team

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

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Meralco or Manila Electric company is the largest electric utility distributor in the Philippines. There are many things that are disappointing like not being able to get through their hotline when you really need assistance – but good things should not be overlooked. Do you know about Meralco’s tree trimming team? I bet not many people do. That’s why, I decided to write this blog. Read this and learnabout their regular activities to provide us with a brighter supply:

Meralco at Your Service

By: Meralco

Here is next week’s maintenance schedule. Just click on the link to view a larger image and to check if your area will be affected. For further questions, you may reach us through our hotline 16211 or 631-1111. Have a great weekend!

I felt better after talking to Meralco’s customer service agent, Joy – she was not only accommodating but there’s something in her that can just make you mellow even at your angriest moment. Although there’s nothing much that can be done with my first request regarding the strict control of the electric meter used by our tenant, my second request was acted upon right after I was back home. Noli, the inspector of the tree trimming team and his men arrived promptly at the village – then immediately surveyed the trees that must be trimmed to get rid of the electric supply obstructions as per my request in behalf of the Homeowners Association. Looking forward to the actual tree trimming operation soon!

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11 thoughts on “Meralco’s Tree Trimming Team

  1. how can we request for a tree trimming in front of our restaurant.


    1. Just bring your Meralco bill to the Meralco office in your area – then inquire at the information counter where to request for Tree Trimming in your neighborhood You may also secure the approval of the Homeowner’s association and Barangay permit. Hope this helps – Elena.

  2. is it necessary to present a permit even the tree is located in your own land?

  3. Last September 7, 2016, Meralco Manila Trimming Crew SIT 5 & 6 (RJY-608) trimmed the tree in front of my house (Laong-Laan st.). I did not request for it. A big branch bounced and slammed my sportivo. Without any rope to secure the big branches the crew cut it with a chainsaw. My car was trapped at the roof side of my residence and was blocked by 2 meralco trucks and fallen branches, so there is no way to move it. Sabi nila, “alam namin ang trabaho namin, hindi na tatamaan yan sir tsaka nasa loob naman ng bubong sasakyan mo.” Ayun, kinalbo nila yung puno, at the last BIG branch, they let it fall to the ground. Ang taas hindi nila tinalian muna then dapat slowly nilapag. Now, i called Meralco 16211 all they tell me na me report na and tatawagan na lang daw ako.

    Bakit ko daw hindi nakuha mga pangalan? Seven sila and lahat me hawak na itak at mainit ulo. Isa lang nakuha ko plate number dahil umalis na agad yung isang truck. Nakuha ko lang SIT 5 & 6 Meralco Manila Trimming Crew doon sa isang truck. Wala daw silang kasamang supervisor at tawagan ko na lang daw meralco. Up to now walang feedback. Ibabaon na lang ba sa limot ito? Isipin niyo, HINDI lang ako ang naperwisyo at nabagsakan ng puno dahil sa kapabayaan ng meralco tree trimming crew niyo.

  4. My company is located at LTI,Binan, can i request to Meralco trimming services team to totally cut our two giant palm tree in front of our company,(Ogino Philippines Corporation) because we are worry in times of typhoon suddenly fall down directing to other company,which is their feeder line coming from the transformer post is very near to us.

  5. I have a question . I am renting a house in Pulo Laguna . The tree is on a vacant lot directly at my front door . The tree branches are entwined in wires . The wires are really stretched badly . when the wind blows sometimes the electric goes on and off . How/ who do I contact about this . I have tried to find out who owns the vacant lot but I can not . please tell me what I must do . thank you .

    1. Please contact Meralco and bring your bill and the bill of a neighbor near the dangerous place.

      1. I have been engaging with some one though Meralco for several days ,I sent pictures of the damage being done to the wires that Meralco , Now I just researched and found out the Meralco does not have Right-Of-Way passage on a homeowners property , what I could not find was a law that states Meralco can not cut or trim trees outside of the homeowners property . This tree I am concerned with has the wires stretched out almost 5 to 6 feet over the street . I would think this would be something Meralco would be very concerned about because it is damaging Meralco’s property , meaning the wires . Meralco is looking at this as a complaint by me and is requesting my address , my phone number , or as the call it “contact” information , I am only reporting this to Meralco , not complaining , there is a difference between a” complaint ” and “reporting” .I assumed that by reporting damage and a possible problem to the community losing their service in the future and costing Meralco more time and money, they would at least send someone to evaluate and make a report of their own and submit it . I would like to thank you in advance and thank you for replying . I am just making Meralco aware of the problem , not complaining.

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