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Mermaids the Body Found Documentary

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Compelling evidences in the Mermaids the Body Found Documentary from Animal Planet are captured in this video coverage. Most are fake especially the ones posted in social media – but take this show seriously and you will clearly see proofs of mermaids or half human and half fish creature with intelligence or character not far away from ours:

Animal Planet’s Mermaids The New Evidence 2013 Full

Posted at YouTube by: Sameer Khan

Marine explorers definitely uncover the secrets of mermaids but authorities are hindering them to go public on this – because it can jeopardize oil and gas exploration. Calamities already showed to us that humans can either help or destroy each other in trying to survive. It will be very scary if on top of this, mermaids or other sea creatures will go after us for destroying their natural habitat when the water and land become one.

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