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Mermaids are Real

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There’s a vast fascination when it comes to mermaids. Fantasy books with stories about them are a hit not only to children but adults alike. Climate change and sonar testing probably bring the rumors back again that they are indeed real – with numerous sightings reported of both live and dead mermaids. Scientists hinted that such disturbance in the deep sea can drive them to seek pasture into shallow waters. Watch this closely.

Real mermaid caught sleeping on a rock 2013

Posted on YouTube by: THATSCRAZY718

The image in the video footage looks like a mermaid but it’s true that the vagueness is not worth a million dollars as per the reward advertised for the concrete proof of their existence. However, there’s no doubt that the blurred picture is not that of a seal. So, if it is not a mermaid, what is it then? Nobody knows so, I guess the hunt is not over yet.

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