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Do Millennials Listen to VP Robredo’s Martial Law Hate Speeches?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Vice President Leni Robredo is now noted to go around schools delivering hate speeches among millennials in her bid to allegedly educate them about the Martial Law brutality during the Marcos regime. The question is, do millennials believe her? A youth group also criticizes the president for suggesting to bring it back to solve the chaos in Mindanao. It can only add up to the alleged extra-judicial killings, they said. Despite of that, VP Robredo cab find it very hard to convince them of its negativity since millennials get their information via social media and many of them think that it can instill discipline that is badly needed in the country.

Youtube video by;  Millennials on Martial Law
[VIDEO]: The video shows a survey among Millennials on Martial Law.

What is Martial Law for Millennials

Millennials are accused of being ignorant, apathetic, indifferent and insensitive on issues about Martial Law. For them, it is when the president declares that a region or the whole country is put under military rule. They only think of it as brutal through the hate speeches of anti-Marcos politicians and media propaganda about losing freedom of speech. At the end, most of them believe that it can discipline people.

The President’s Threat

In his speech, the president describes the scary details of the possible scenarios when Mindanao is under the military rule. Under the Martial law opens the doors of every house there, the arrest of every person, the detention of every person, everyone, ande anyone, PDu30 said. The military and the police are allowed to just somebody up from the street and detain him or her, he added. But Youth party-list Rep. Sarah Elago criticizes this saying that it paves the way for greater and graver state-sanctioned abuses and killings.

Say of the Human Rights Groups on Martial Law

A group of peace and human rights advocate headed by Rev. Jurie Jayme of Exodus for Justice and Peace urges the president to listen to the call of people from Mindanao who have experienced all-out war and Martial Law. They claim that the all-out war of Estrada did not address the problem of the Moro people – but to the contrary, most people in Mindanao are thankful for Estrada’s move because it crippled the armed group. Jayme forgets that the president himself is from Mindanao.

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Millennials Go For Martial Law

Too bad for Robredo, despite her hard work in discrediting the Marcoses under the Martial Law regime, millennials still believe that it can discipline people and can eventually bring peace in a long run. In today’s world, it is impossible to push information down the throats of the young ones. Trust that they are resourceful enough in searching for the truth and eventually get it right at the end. Why is Vice President Leni Robredo so afraid that they are not capable of doing that?

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