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MMDA Admits that the BBM-Sara Grand Caravan in QC was 3 to 4 Times More than the Expected Turnouts!


By: Elena Grace Flores

GMA News

[VIDEO]: BBM-Sara Photoshoot

Better Reporting Despite Negative Headline on BBM-Sara Uniteam

The mainstream media is noted to be biased against Bongbong Marcos. However, recently improvements are notable. They now cite the stories of both sides. Also, facts are highlighted in the content in the BBM-Sara Grand Caravan in QC. Although the headline remains negative.

Belmonte and Defensor Rivalry

The two sides of the story are in this coverage of GMA. Cong. Mike Defensor runs for QC mayor under the BBM-Sara Uniteam. While Mayor Joy Belmonte seeks re-election. The mayor said that she is in touch with Mayor Sara Duterte and Senator Imee Marcos because they are friends. They know that they are welcome in the city. But Defensor claims that the LGU gave them a hard time.

Not Just 3 but 4 Times More

The MMDA confirms that the BBM-Sara Grand Caravan turnouts were 3 to 4 times more than expected when they had a meeting with the organizers. This proves that the expected number of voters for the Unity team can surpass their data forecast. Some media reported earlier that the police’s count was only 6,000 people. Now, we know that this isn’t true judging from the footage taken by GMA.

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