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Mobile Converter Plugins can Lessen Google Adsense Revenue

By: Elena Grace Flores

Trying to comply with mobile requirements to generate more traffic but ended up getting a lower Google Adsense revenue? Here’s why.¬† Most free mobile converter plugins available today only convert the contents of a website’s pages to make them highly viewable through Iphones, smartphones and tablets. The overall design of the website including the placeholders of Google Adsense advertisements obviously are being left out.

This explains why despite the increased number of traffic, the revenue remains low or even becomes a lot lower. Mobile converter plugins are easy to install and activate but despite their promise of increasing web traffic, you must be aware that they do not necessarily increase the revenue from your blogs at the same time.

Google Adsense even came up with mobile-friendly advertisements but this won’t help a lot if the placeholder itself can’t be viewed from a mobile gadget. It is suggested that if you can’t find a better technique to make the whole website responsive, stick with your original desktop settings – because mobile viewers can still view the whole site. They just have to make a bit of adjustments by scrolling up, down or wider – which are not a big deal at all!

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