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Moderna Gives Hope for PI’s First Quarter of 2021 Covid-19 Vaccine Delivery


By: Elena Grace Flores
ANC 24/7

DFA Sec. Locsin in talks with Pompeo to try to salvage botched COVID-19 vaccine deal with Pfizer

Moderna Might Replace Pfizer Botched Deal

The botched Covid-19 vaccine Pfizer deal may be replaced by Moderna very soon. DFA Secretary Teodoro Locsin tweets this information recently. This is after his talk with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to help him and the Philippine Ambassador to the US Babe Romualdez in finalizing the agreement.

Corruption Rolled Out

The initial 10 million Pfizer for January went to Singapore instead. Senator Ping Lacson blames Francisco Duque for the mess. Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez, Jr. defends Duque. He said that Duque did his part. Besides the funds cannot be corrupted. There’s no doubt about the integrity of the World Bank, ADB, and the Finance Department, Galvez added.

Just a Fraction of the Vaccines

A fraction of the Covid-19 vaccines is good enough, explained Galvez. This will allow the president’s order to prioritize the healthcare workers, other front liners, and the poor. Local leaders are also open to purchasing the vaccines for their localities. The intention is to assure proper distribution. Regardless of the capacity to pay.

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