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Monsters of the Sea

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Various unidentified creatures are continuously appearing in social media nowadays. Shall we be scared or just embrace their existence? Let’s face it. The world is filled with creations that remained undiscovered until at the present time. They might look strange but not because they are ugly – just different to what we already see. Since they don’t have names yet, they are referred to as sea monsters: Watch this:

Unidentified Creature

Posted at YouTube by: Epic Wildlife

The ocean is actually larger than the land so, if we already see funny looking human beings – let’s be prepared to see more strange looking life forms from the sea. Climate change may have driven them to land but let’s welcome them as habitats of the earth also. So, when it’s our turn to be displaced to the vast ocean, they will do the same. Nothing is certain here on earth so changes are paramount – let’s just be ready and kind at all times!

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