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Most of the 2022 Early Presidentiables May Support Bongbong Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Usapang KPS

Know the Early Presidentiables for 2022

Distinctive Qualities of the Presidentiables

The presidentiables are; Mayor Isko Moreno is the mayor of Manila. Popular because of his entertainment background, social media influence, and good works. Senator Manny Pacquiao would be the first boxer to become president if ever. Tito Sotto is the longest-serving senator. Senator Cynthia Villar, wife of the richest Filipino who is the number one senator in 2019. Grace Poe is also a senator and the most voted lawmaker in 2013. Bongbong Marcos was only 23 years when he became governor of Ilocos Norte. He’s the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. He’s VP election protest is still ongoing against a more likely rival again, Leni Robredo. Inday Sara could be Marcos’ running mate.

Allies of President Duterte

Mayor Isko, Senators Pacquiao and Villar are allies of President Rodrigo Duterte. They would surely support whoever the president endorses. Poe is now out of the limelight. While Leni Robredo is still the bet of the opposition who refuses to talk about her plans for 2022. Although her actions speak louder than words.

Bongbong Marcos versus Leni Robredo

It would not be a surprise if Marcos faces Robredo again in 2022. The Liberal party simply uses her to discredit the Filipino leader. The smear campaign is very obvious when disaster strikes. Photo opportunities and strategies are visible on the mainstream and social media. Instead of helping and being one with the president, she is seen criticizing the efforts of the government.

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