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Most People Stay Away from Character Assassination Attempts and Stick with the DOJ Secretary, Lawyer


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: EXCLUSIVE: Full Interview with DOJ Sec. Boying Remulla

Get a Lawyer

While defending the country in an international conference overseas with the UN, Justice Secretary Crispin Boying Remulla advises his wife to get a lawyer for their son’s alleged drug case. He refuses to talk to anyone within the system that can give special treatment to the family’s ordeal right now.

No Taint in his Reputation

As a lawyer himself, Justice Remulla gets the support of President Bongbong Marcos and Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. The President expresses his continued confidence in the secretary. Pastor Quiboloy also explains the biblical teaching that what happens to the son, should not affect the status of the father.

Family Matter

Secretary Remulla admits that he and his son may have had conflicts in the past but he would rather let it stay in private. Because it’s a mere family matter that he has to deal with as a father. Just like any other family, negative situations arise but they do not make a person. They are just part of life.

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