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Mother Killed Daughter: Drug Abuse Incidents are Ills of Filipino Society amidst Poverty – will Duterte’s campaign help?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipinos who are already in poverty are the easy targets for drug addiction. Nightmarish incidents continue to register on the news from fathers sexually abusing their children to mothers killing their own – like this one reported by GMA.

Mothers in their right senses would do their best not to hurt their daughters – but this is not the case with this unlucky three-year-old girl who died after being stabbed repeatedly by her own mother. The incident happened just inside their home in Navotas City. Alexa Rain Aviso got seven stab wounds in different parts of her body from her 26-year-old mother, Jin Paula Pelayo. They are residing at KCC Venterdeck, Barangay Kapitbahayan at the time of the incident. She is now in police custody.

Rolando Aguyam, the victim’s grandfather narrated to the police that the mother admitted that she had stabbed her own daughter – when he entered their premises. He immediately rushed the poor child to the hospital, but doctors declared her dead at around 2 a.m. last Friday. The drug addict mother is now detained at the Navotas City Police Office for parricide. Though it is understandable how President Duterte wanted to stop the illegal drug trade by killing drug lords, it is not certain how this would immediately solve drug abuse in the smallest units of society within the poorest of the poor communities?


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