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MRT is the Proof for a Government Service that Fails

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Jejomar Binay made it clear in his True SONA recently that government services are keys to the nation’s progress as he pointed out the MRT mess. This actually makes sense because according to the founder of Heart Centred Money Makers, Rossco Paddison; the government’s job is to maintain and make sure that we’ve got roads, hospitals, all those sorts of things. By the time they’re done, we’ve all said in the budgets, “There’s no money left over for them to think about the future.” This being said means that when the people are equipped with quality public facilities, the more progressive they become thus resulting to a more productive economy.

However, instead of acting on the problem immediately, DOTC Chief Abaya just echoed the reasons of President Aquino why the MRT situation is deteriorating – as he counter criticized the Vice President for not understanding the alibi. No matter how bad is the case with the contractor, it is the duty of the administration to find solutions that would fix the MRT as quickly as possible for long-term use and not just a “band aid” fix. This clearly shows the incompetence of these politicians in power.

Image Source: CNN Philippines

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