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Not Much Evidence that Aids for Tacloban are Getting In

By: Elena Grace Flores

Haiyan relief [Image 6 of 14]
Haiyan relief [Image 6 of 14] (Photo credit: DVIDSHUB)

Tacloban aids are pouring in from around the world but there’s not much evidence that they are received by the the victims. This is an additional grief for the the country. People are getting discouraged from the public system. One can’t imagine why their loved ones are still not eating after few days of abundant donations. Read and watch videos from this link:

Aid operations pick up pace in Philippines


TACLOBAN, PHILIPPINES Relief operations in this typhoon-devastated region of the Philippines picked up pace Wednesday, but still only minimal amounts of water, food and medical supplies were making it to the hardest-hit areas.

No one can control the natural disaster but, sufferings can be alleviated if there’s genuine love for public service. Criticisms to the government may be unfounded but why can’t they facilitate relief efforts faster than the others when they should know their country better? Let’s help in our own little way – and perhaps we can influence the ones in authority!

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