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Nancy Binay SONA 2016 Naughty Change of Attire: Just to Satisfy Bashers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
What would SONA 2016 be like without Senator Nancy Binay stirring her social media followers? As kind as she is, she cannot bear disappointing bashers not having anything to say to her. So, her naughty side came about by dressing initially in contrast to President Rodrigo Duterte’s memo to dress simply and avoid long gowns. There she is with the dark mermaid gown – but after few shots, she immediately changed attire.

So, naturally this morning, funny memes emerged again but not as bad anymore as the last two SONAS when people did not know yet how she would react or if she can take the criticisms. This time, she fed the bashers saying that she forgot the President’s memo when it obviously was done for the sake of it.

Nancy Binay for sure wanted to be different from her family members – when former Vice President Jejomar Binay and Congressman Luis Campos wore the same style of Barong – and her sister Mayor Abby Binay had this Filipiniana top, but also the same color as the two members of the family. This is surely why she wore a dark one.

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