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Nancy Binay Supports Curfew but Emphasized Human Rights


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Nancy Binay, the daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay called on law enforcers to make certain that human rights violations will not be tolerated during arrest, particularly with women and children as they go about their operations on implementing more strict curfew laws.

Since violators of the said ordinance mostly belong to the society’s poor sector, the information drive to the public must be enhanced as well.There will be many violators if the police activities will not be made known to public, simply because they don’t know. It is crucial also for the police to be reminded on the guidelines for human rights when doing their rounds.

The Commission on Human Rights was also called in by Senator Binay last Tuesday to be watchful as law enforcers do their duty in arresting and rounding up of people caught during curfew – since it is also the government’s duty to protect its citizens from any forms of abuse that can result from this operation.


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