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Netizens Furious over Congress’ Disrespect to Imelda Marcos’ Release Ilocos Norte Staff Plea


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The former first lady appeals for the release of the Ilocos Norte employees “ for humanitarian purposes.” This is after Bongbong Marcos’ plea was rejected. She cites their ages and their “medical conditions.” She even “vouches” for them and assures Congress that they “shall appear and respect the invitations or subpoena issued to them.”

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Ilocos Norte 2nd District Representative Imelda Marcos writes a letter to the House leadership urging the release of the detained provincial officials. House good government and public accountability panel chairperson Johnny Pimentel reads the letter during the hearing.

Deteriorating Conditions

“The six detained public employees, the ‘Ilocos 6,’ are aged 47 to 63. Most have medical conditions that worsen due to prolonged confinement. One of has cardiomyopathy. Others have diabetes, lumbar disability, and one already had a mild stroke. They are parents and grandparents who have children depending on them for their daily needs. The ordeal has caused much anxiety to them and to their loved ones,” she wrote.

Vouching for the Ilocos 6

Marcos respectfully and graciously petitions the Honorable Committee to release temporarily on her own accord the six detained provincial government employees. She also asked for mercy for the unsatisfactory answers they gave. She urges her fellow honorable congressmen to release them temporarily to find the truth.

Compassion and Sympathy

Marcos appeals to House leaders’ sense of “compassion and sympathy.” The fact te she’s almost 88 years old, she has the wisdom that human kindness makes people godly. Not influence, privilege or pride can make a politician great. It’s the love for the small and helpless, added. She hopes that she can get sympathy from her colleagues now that she is old and weak but to no avail.

No Consideration from Congress

Pimentel said that such request of Marcos cannot be done. Unless the employees answer questions that satisfy them. The province’s share of the excise tax on the locally manufactured Virginia-type cigarette was allegedly used for that purpose. He instead calls on Marcos to advise the employees to tell the panel what they know. It is sad that Philippine lawmakers are more into destroying their political enemies than to fight corruption. No one steals money here. If the evidence is genuine, it’s just a matter of using the tobacco fund for the immediate needs of the barangays.

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