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Never Eat or Drink Prior to Surgery

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Operating Table
Operating Table (Photo credit: Mike Lacon)

Eating and drinking just prior to surgery is actually deadly. Not to eat and drink before going to the operating table are very serious guidelines to consider when scheduled for operation. Anything can happen when the stomach is full and your muscles are relaxed due to anesthesia. Read this carefully to know in detail:

Frequently Asked Questions

Preoperative Fasting

By: Cathy Bachman MD

Why is fasting necessary before surgery?

When patients receive anesthesia for surgery, they become very relaxed and sleepy. When patients are this sleepy, the muscles of the stomach and throat which normally stop food from coming up into the throat, and then going down into the windpipe or trachea, and then into the lungs, are also relaxed.

It is more tempting to eat or drink something when you are prohibited to do so – but if you know the real score, you would do them voluntarily. After all when something goes wrong, you will be the one to suffer. Lucky if you still can feel the pain but what if you just slip into oblivion? That would be devastating for the people you’ll left behind. These things are surely unnecessary mistakes when not followed. So, be disciplined and you will be okay!

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