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No One can Question the Transfer of Wealth among PBBM’s Relatives


By: Elena Grace Flores

Kaalam PH
[VIDEO]: Wealthy Nephews of PBBM

Transfer of Wealth

Alfonso and Louis Araneta are the children of Irene Marcos. She’s out of politics. But her husband is Gregorio Maria Araneta. They are directors of Philweb Corporation founded by their father for the mining industry. They also have gaming businesses including casinos. Their father can only transfer their wealth to them. That’s the norm.

False Accusations

PAGCOR establishment in 1977 by the late President Ferdinand Marcos became a controversy. But in reality, it exists to collect the revenues from legal gambling operations. Even Greggy Araneta’s wealth was frozen by PCGG. But later released because of a lack of evidence.  The transfer of these accounts was indeed legitimate.

Wealth for the Country

If only most people would help the president in his tasks to improve the lifestyle of Filipinos, results would happen quickly. However, some figures still cannot accept defeat and they are doing everything to ruin him. So, it’s the job of the 31 million Philippine voters who are on his side to support him in his endeavors for the good of the Philippines.

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