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No Such Thing as Marcos Trauma, Just Media Blackout


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Media blackout refers to the censorship of news related to a certain topic, particularly in mass media, for any reason. What most people learn about the Marcoses worldwide for the last 3 decades is only about the martial law black propaganda. The alleged dictatorship, human rights abuses, ill-gotten wealth and the famous shoe collection of the Marcos matriarch poisoned the people’s minds – but they turn out to be the opposite in reality. Like Bongbong Marcos said, they must have done something good to be loved by many Filipinos the way they experience it. But sad to say, despite the false trauma publicity, media blackout is so obvious.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: People’s reactions around Bongbong Marcos Show that there’s no truth in the so-called Marcos trauma because of his father’s regime. He’s definitely aware that there’s some kind of media blackout.

Robredo is Out of Touch

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque disputed Vice President Leni Robredo's claim that darkness envelopes the Philippines. During the 72nd anniversary of the Liberal Party, Robredo claimed that history seems to repeat itself. She notes that the party's membership also declined during the time of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos just like now under President Rodrigo Du30.

LP Uses Millennials for Destabilization

An LP statement said that like national hero Jose Rizal, today’s millennials should use their time and talents to show their love for the Philippines. The Liberal Party urged them to work for a better Philippines, free of poverty and fear, and where justice and solidarity reign. They implied the alleged dictatorship of President Du3o. They described Rizal as millennial of his time. There are two obvious mistakes here. The national hero can't be a millennial as they claimed because he was not born after the technology age. Secondly, Philippines cannot have a dictator because of its democratic constitution.

Performance is the Best Measure

Bongbong Marcos said that like his father, he tries to enhance his performance in making his constituents' lives better. That is how he would like to be remembered by fellow Filipinos. This video comes a day before the retrieval of ballots from Camarines Sur, one of his pilot provinces for the recount as mandated by the tribunal on his electoral protest against VP Robredo. No matter how intense the news is, mainstream media failed to publicize such important event on time. However, social media posts as always never failed to ignore such development.

Media Fiasco Aims to Overshadow Ballot Retrieval for Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest

LP tells millennials: Be like Rizal

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