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Nobody Deserves to Live like This in the Philippines or Elsewhere

By: Elena Grace Flores

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The Philippines was once a victim of Political Propaganda in 1986 when a great leader was toppled amidst media persecutions over human rights violations that are left unfounded. Since then, these propagandists never wasted time in continuing their dirty work to amass more money and power. The news releases that the Philippine economy is better than ever is a hoax. The international media and overseas Filipinos can attest to that simply because they are bearing some burdens of their families back home. Nobody deserves to live like this story in the Philippines (and all they got is a “band aid” help):

Penniless man steals son from hospital morgue

By: Jose Rodel Clapano

MANILA, Philippines – A man who did not have the money to pay for his two-year-old son’s hospitalization stole his son’s body from the morgue of a hospital in Malabon Tuesday night.

Marlon de Leon was invited for questioning by the Manila Police District after he was seen carrying his son’s body, wrapped in a red cloth, in front of the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy in Tayuman.

To my family, friends and the general public who cannot quite understand where I am coming from, please grant me my rights to justify my existence as a Filipino. Every time I hear such stories in the daily news, I am renewing my vow to do something about it in my own simple way – like documenting the sufferings of the less fortunate and urging the people in power to make a difference or let others do the responsibilities if they can’t. This I can do only in using my capacity as a Filipino blogger. I just can’t bear sleeping in a comfortable bed with a hot breakfast waiting when I awake – thinking that others are sleeping on the streets with an empty stomach. Please ignore this if you don’t like it but if you do, kindly join me in my quest in whatever way you can!

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