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Not Even a Corona can Stop BBM’s Cleanup and Restoration Services

cleanup and restoration services

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against the sitting Vice President, Leni Robredo might be far-fetched – but his cleanup and restoration services are not. He has a hand in seeking solutions for almost all major problems in the country especially in the beginning of the year. This has made his political enemies realize that nothing can stop him in devulging the digital fraud committed since the time of former President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. Thus explaining the former President’s fury to the late Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos
The struggles during the first month of the year 2020.

The theory also says that it goes before Aquino’s time – that it has something to do with the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ case with former President Corazon Aquino. The PR man of the latter just happened to be a major player in Smartmatic, the automated election system provider of the country.

The Return of OFWs from Iran

The conflict between Iran and the US did a bit of shaking not just to the world but most especially to the Filipinos working in Iran. Marcos eventually made arrangements to bring them back with the country’s Philippine Embassy there. However, the department of foreign affairs conforms that the OFWs in Iran wish to stay. They are willing to wait until the situation dies down and hopefully they can go back to their work at once. Luckily, it did.

BBM Calls to Ban Smartmatic

President Rodrigo Duterte already said that it is “not acceptable” for the government to be associated with any entity “that promotes cheating.” Easier said that done since laws must be in place to make that happen. In fact, his sister, Senator Imee Marcos seeks to end Comelec bondage to Smartmatic. She aspires that Philippine elections to be more transparent and reflective of the people’s will. She filed Senate Bill No. 221. The older Marcos proposes to strike out a provision in Republic Act 9369 which bars other service providers from participating so that Smartmatic becomes the only available choice.

Alternative for the “Cleanup and Restoration Services’

Instead of sticking with Smartmatic, Marcos suggests a “hybrid” way of conducting the polls in 2022. “We have manual voting, manual counting, and electronic transmission. Hybrid and you vote like before. You have the counting like before. You have watchers, but there’s an additional feature the tech has moved, Livestream it,” he suggested. By live-streaming the voting and counting processes in rural areas, Marcos said local election officers can then question or correct figures inconsistent with the national canvassing of votes.
“The technology exists, let’s use it,” the former senator insisted.

Corona after Corona

There are jokes going around social media that remind the injustices done to the former Chief Justice. Marcos is only one of the three senators at that time who voted for his favor during his impeachment verdict. Now, another Corona – Novel Coronavirus from China haunts the world. One trial may come after the other but one thing is sure. Marcos is bound to continue the protest whatever it takes. The good thing is he has ample money for it. So, BBM’s cleanup and restoration services for the country is well on its way.

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