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Notebook Genius Brian Granger, co-Leader of Project Jupyter

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many users are just happy to benefit from all the technology gadgets available but few would investigate on who are the people behind such things like the IPython Notebook. In this podcast episode, we will have the chance of listening to one of the geniuses in our time.

Partially Derivative Noted: For more than a decade Brian Granger has been developing some of the most widely-used technologies in data science. He was an early core contributor of the IPython Notebook and now leads the Project Jupyter Notebook team. We talked about the massive adoption of Project Jupyter across academia and in industry, exciting new features on the horizon, and the future of data visualization.

It continued: I’m most familiar with Brian’s contributions to IPython and Jupyter, so that’s what we focus on during the episode, but it’s important to emphasize that Jupyter is not, in any way, a one person show. Most importantly, Jupyter has hundreds of contributors from the broader open-source community. Also, a Steering Council of 11 long-time contributors and over 20 full time developers and designers working on the project at Cal Poly, UC Berkeley, Simula Research Lab, University of Southampton, Microsoft, IBM, Bloomberg and Continuum Analytics. A special mention goes out to Fernando Perez, who started IPython back in 2001 and continues to co-lead Project Jupyter today as the project’s “BDFL” (Benevolent Dictator for Life). Listen to the Podcast from the link below


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