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Now is the Right Time to Join the BBM-Sara Uniteam Like Karen Davila


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Karen Davila is Spotted on the Stage during BBM’s Speech

BBM’s Critic before is Now an Ally

Karen Davila was a notable critic of BBM. But after she interviewed him, she has become a constant companion during caravans and rallies. This is indeed a strong message of unity and it’s not too late yet to jump on board. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s PDP-Laban just endorsed Bongbong Marcos for president.

Unity Message

BBM does not engage in below the belt fights with fellow presidential aspirants. He said during his speech that the country needs all the brilliant men and women regardless of their political affiliations. This is the time to rebuild the country after the devastation brought by the pandemic.

I am a Filipino

The patriotic sense of BBM really made the people feel that they are important. That they belong in one beautiful country where everyone is helping each other. His detractors may not understand his message of unity. But for sure, many Filipinos do.

2 thoughts on “Now is the Right Time to Join the BBM-Sara Uniteam Like Karen Davila

  1. we love Marcos even before pa kay Apo Lakay dahil inabutan ko panahon niya napaka ganda ng ngyari sa bansa natin. mahusay c Apo FEM kuryente bukod sa mura na pwede ka pa magbayad ng 2or 3 gives hindi ka mahirapan na pwersahan mura bilihin kahit saan ka lumingon tatak marcos. when I was 16 years old nasa CDO ako that time decade 1969 nag daan cilang 2 ni Madam imelda Marcos pra e cut ang Ribbon sa bagong tulay sobrang saya ko na kita cila papuntang tacloban panay cigaw ko ng Marcos. kya iboto ng buong angkan ko c BBM alam ko kahit paano gagawin at susundin niya ang yapak ng Ama niya mabuhay tayong lahat uupo na ang pinakamamahal namin pangulo na c BBM God bless!!!! uniteam BBM Sara

  2. God Bless the UNITEAM. ,sana election na para makaupo na ang UNITEAM and rule our country for Good. long life BBM. GOD BLESS

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