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NSO is now PSA

In a very sunny morning, my adopted child was so excited to get enrolled in the nearby school – only to be rejected because her birth certificate is not issued by  NSO but by PSA. I was irritated so, we tried to find ways to verify and get hold of Raul Ludovice from PSA.

He explained that Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA is the new name of NSO or National Statistics Office so, we hurried back to the school to explain this – only to find confused parents and teachers alike.

So, please be informed and share this information to who might need this.

2 thoughts on “NSO is now PSA

  1. Yan na nga ung bagong batas Philippine Statistic Act of 2013 nagtaka nga ako Bakit PSA yung stamp ng birth cert. ko eh at hindi NSO kaya nag gOogle ako at dun ko naintindhan lahat

  2. does this mean that our birth & marriage certificates printed and marked with NSO are no longer valid?

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