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Obama’s performance helps in widening Clinton’s Lead Over Trump in Key States

Hillary Clinton

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Hillary Clinton is gaining more in Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina; while maintaining her steady advantage in Florida over controversial rival Donald Trump according to a new poll result.

Clinton lead in Colorado over Trump is 14 percentage points, 46% to 32% which is six points more than a poll taken last July. She also gained in Virginia, leading 46% to 33% and North Carolina at 48% to 39%.

Clinton’s at 44% in Florida to 39% of Trump’s that gives a bit of increase for him compared to last month’s result but analysts say that even if he will overpass Clinton in Florida, that will not help him much either – unless his ratings improve in other key states. Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion said: “Trump still needs to unify Republicans and better position himself among traditional GOP groups in order to make the contest competitive in these must-win states.”

The growing approval of President Barack Obama’s job performance is also trending, that stands at 50% or higher in each state. That is up 3 points in Colorado and Virginia over the past month, up 2 points in Florida and about the same as the past month in North Carolina. “It’s a tall order for a sitting president to pass the baton to a member of his own party,” said Mr. Miringoff. “President Obama is actively trying to do just that, and his improved approval rating is boosting that effort.” Trump’s trouble with fellow republicans really hurt his chances into the presidency whereas, Hillary Clinton’s strong affiliation with President Obama as endorsed by First Lady Michelle Obama can make Clinton the ultimate winner if the trend continues that way.


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