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Ochoa Paid a High Price in Backing Poe as Binay-Marcos surges

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Liberal group masterminding Grace Poe’s candidacy and public deception is now refusing to move further in pushing their bet. They knew that despite the false surveys, the Binay-Bongbong tandem is sky rocketing in the hearts and minds of the majority of Filipinos hungry for quality public service that Binay is providing in Makati.

The whole Liberal party is now panicking most especially the outgoing President Benigno Aquino or Pnoy. He earlier vowed not to let A Marcos go back to the administration again but Vice President Jejomar Binay backed Ferdinand Marcos, Jr or Bongbong. instead.

Poe is the Candidate of the LP SAMAR WING led by Paquito Ochoa – and they absolutely paid a high price in changing horses midstream: from the unpopular bet to the mere actress.

3 thoughts on “Ochoa Paid a High Price in Backing Poe as Binay-Marcos surges

  1. No wonder because BINAY is the Most Qualified among the Presidentiables in this Country… Good Governance is in the Hands of this Guys (JCB & BBM).

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