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Oil and Gas Exploration to Continue in the South China Sea even without a Deal with China

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By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Philippine president asserts right to exploit energy resources in South China Sea

Territorial Row Roadblock for Oil Exploration with China

President Bongbong Marcos calls the claim of China on the disputed area in the South China Sea the roadblock to exploring oil and gas in the West Philippine Sea. President Marcos’ Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique Manalo said earlier that the Philippines is interested in having talks with China on that matter.

Right to Explore in the West Philippine Sea

The President stressed that the Philippine government must find ways to push through with joint oil exploration. The country needs it already. The Philippines also has the right to explore oil and gas in the territory even without China. This news is now quite widespread on the international scene.

Joint Exploration

China’s territorial claim is the roadblock to joint oil exploration. They may be a threat of a shortage of oil and gas but there’s also a big opportunity to mine them in the South China Sea.  China could cooperate bilaterally or apprehend Marcos’ show of determination to finally do it with or without them.

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