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On Imelda Marcos: The PGH Fire is a Wake-Up Call for Filipinos

Imelda Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

Legacy Hospitals Fighting COVID-19

The Legacy of Imelda Marcos

Bongbong Marcos is proud to say that the health projects of the Marcos administration since 1981 still exist today. The recent fire at the PGH reminds Filipinos about the legacy of Imelda Marcos. She gives much importance to the healthcare system of the Filipinos. The 1981 PGH development was the central project of the former first lady. She cannot bear to see patients lying on the stairways of the largest and oldest public hospital.

The Long-Lasting Healthcare Facilities

Heart Center, Lung Center, RITM, PGH Development and Children’s Hospital to name a few serve Filipinos up to this date. The RITM is the only one capable to do the PRC Test for Covid-19. Bongbong Marcos added that the healthcare system must be under the government again for quality services.

Take Care of My Heart

The late President Ferdinand Marcos said in his speech. That he only asks his wife, Imelda Marcos to take care of his heart when they got married. However, his better half cares for all the Filipino hearts. She shows this through her medical projects. Especially the Philippine Heart Center. The unfortunate event at the PGH did not escalate at all. Bongbong Marcos gives credit to the Filipinos as usual. He explains that the culture of Filipinos to donate in times of need made PGH whole again almost immediately. What a beautiful thought indeed.

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