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Online Business Processes by Christie Hamilton of Benelds

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
This InnovaBuzz podcast episode by Innovabiz features Christie Hamilton of Benelds who talked about business processes, marketing automation, Infusionsoft and being the best you can be. On this latter point, Christie pulls no punches, and described to us her criteria for a great customer. It’s another fascinating interview, so listen to the podcast here:

Sound processes, well documented, are critical to all businesses. The business owner must be involved in establishing the culture and the quality standards from the beginning.Have everyone in the business document their day to day processes, but to do it in a way that’s really the warts and all reflection of what actually happens, and not this Nirvana workflow that isn’t actually real.The most critical part of automating your processes is being very clear of what you want to achieve, the outcomes and why you want to do that. Once that’s clear, you can work out how to do it.Making use of the Cloud can bring a huge productivity boost – giving you access to your business data from anywhere.Surround yourself with exceptional people – use that as a criterium for selecting your customers.

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