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Online Marketing Strategies Must be Sensitive to Mobile Users


By: Gemma Lagasca


phone_internet_data-11349141Mobile web designing and online marketing are the two known techniques used in the world wide web business. However, there is always a doubt if it possible to combine mobile and content designs at the same time without restricting the target designs for small screens? Actually, quality content does not have to worry about the device’ capacity—the truth is, it can enhance the potential of the contents using the latest mobile devices.

Web designers are actively showing clients the potential outlook of content marketing and mobile design effectively. Probability wise, most clients believe on the rapid increase in phone use. It is accessible to all and a necessity in everyday living and truly an advantage tool to gain new customers in the phone user market.

  1. Here are some killer content marketing strategy and its unique description that will definitely click together:Team work. Before putting together such brilliant ideas in terms of marketing, content designs and strategies, the team must work together with one goal—that is to find the best and creative way to present and materialize the plan. It is important to meet the main objectives while moving within the parameters set by responsive design.
  2. Marketers should know how consumers use their mobile phone—this can help the business the easy way based on statistics. According to the New Forrester research, by the year 2016 Smartphone users will increase up to 1 billion users. Because of this, business projects will be doubled and mobile apps will soon hit the $56 billion target mark.
  3. Understanding the Smartphone’s’ biggest role to access in the web business. It is frequently used 24 hours a day in different activities. It can be used for quick answers for clients concerns—which is vital for every business opportunities. Smartphones are useful tools to reach-out clients through ads wherever you are. Likewise it can be used while watching television, using your tablet and other gadgets. The products from ads can effectively penetrate into the consumers since they are visible and more realistic.
  4. Learn from eBay and Amazon’s effective strategy. They used mobile internet to build more clients. There target are big time shoppers who normally know how and what to shop. Consumers are wise enough to know where to purchase a good quality yet cheaper product. The convenience of clients is also important—like in Amazon, clients can place their order anytime using mobile phones with free delivery services. While Amazon is now reaping the success in the industry, EBay can process every transaction in just seconds. Its mobile application can detect a customer’s handset and serve its clients with its easy browsing and quick search functionality.

Remember these important tips on phone monitoring statistics.

  • Ensure that the marketing content is easy to find and
  • Make use of handset detection software.
  • Use personalized content. This is one way of encouraging clients for their next visits.
  • Reduce procedures in the check-out process to minimize drop off.
  • Test text to avoid errors before the official launch of your online market.
  • Keep monitoring the page views and traffic.

These are just few data that can guide marketers on the right marketing strategies so, phone monitoring is essential when running a business.

Image Source: PC World

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