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Online Software Aids in the Registration of SIM Cards


By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: Unregistered Sim Cards will Automatically be Deactivated

Online Software

The registration of all SIM cards will soon be mandatory. Those that cannot be registered within the specified time will be automatically deactivated. The online software will aid registrants in easy data filing. The use of false or fictitious information, identities, fraudulent documents, or identification to register a SIM Card shall also be dealt with by appropriate penalties, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. warned.


Meanwhile, President Marcos believes that the new law will strengthen the campaign vs. text scams. The data collected by the software will absolutely be confidential. Unless there’s written consent to the access to this information from the subscriber,” Marcos said.

The Author

Congressman Sandro Marcos filed House Bill (HB) No.14 or the SIM Card Registration Bill early in the 19th Congress. This is Ilocos Norte’s 1st district Rep’s another first in his fledgling career as a legislator. He just happens to be the president’s son.

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  1. How to register sim card?

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