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Ousted Thai Prime Minister’s Plight Not New

By: Elena Grace Flores
Ever since lady Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra gained the public office, speculations that she is just a mere puppet of her brother ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra already started to come about. The opposition never ceased to find reasons to take the power off her from that time on. They eventually realized their aspirations when the court ordered her being ousted from the post due to abuse of power!  Read this for details:

Thai court ousts prime minister

By: Chico Harlan, Washington Post

Thailand’s prime minister was removed from office Wednesday in an abuse-of-power court ruling that leaves a politically riven country in deeper danger of chaos and further violence.¬†

The post in the highest office can be taken away way before one’s term ends when not occupied by a very popular person with authority. Prime Minister Shinawatra may be guilty or not – but it’s just obviously a way of formality to legally make her step down from her post. Politicians aspiring for the post must please the masses first before even thinking of running for the highest office regardless of what country they are in. Ousting a leader is just becoming a fad right now!

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