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Outdoor with Indoor Party Option

By: Elena Grace Flores

"Barbie Princess Party"
“Barbie Princess Party” (Photo credit: Treasures and Tiaras Kids Parties)

Knowing that November is a rainy month, I was already speculating a combination of indoor and outdoor party for our upcoming Princess Party for my grand daughter’s birthday. Little do I know that a strong typhoon might threaten the said party. Glad to read this article for some more ideas and precautionary measures:

Rainy Day Solutions for Outdoor Parties


The lawn is freshly mown, the deck is draped with balloons and thefolding tables are perfectly arranged when, suddenly, the clouds come rolling in, threatening to wash out your party before it ever begins. Anyone who has ever planned an outdoor event knows the dread of such a scene. It doesn’t matter if you micro-manage every little detail, the one thing you can’t control is the weather.

However, since we started preparing since a month ago, the only problem I saw is the fighting spirit of the invited guests – to still make it to the party or not. So, I gathered at least 15 kids in the neighborhood and got confirmations from their parents to attend despite the typhoon. Good thing, they are only steps away from the house. Never get discouraged with bad weather. The important thing is to be able to gather people who care and make the birthday girl happy!


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