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Outgoing President Noynoy Aquino did his best – but…

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
On June 30, at 12 noon, Pnoy can calmly step down, looking back, and looking at the Filipino people in the eye and can say: that he was true to the people. He delivered on the mandate given to him by his Bosses. Pnoy really believes that even if more than half of the Filipino people do not think so. The man deserves the benefit of the doubt. The Philippines cannot have real change for the better if new presidents will always look at the faults of his predecessors.

If you are pro Aquino, you for sure are very convinced that under his administration, the Philippine economy grew to become one of the best performers in the region thus, turning the perennial “Sick Man of Asia” into – the “Darling of Asia.” as per Aquino’s own words.Poverty incidence in the Philippines also allegedly eased to a “record low” of 26.3% in the first semester of 2015 – the lowest since 2006 but most poor people cannot feel this improvement. In fact, they only know of the worst thing as they try to survive in a day to day basis without enough healthcare, livelihood and educational public facilities readily available for them.

Soon to be ex-President Pnoy wishes to live a quiet life but still be active in his advocacies. Let’s be fair in giving him that. Otherwise, if the Ombudsman suddenly finds herself into being pressured on the signifant cases to be filed against him over PDAF or Mamasapano or God knows what else, then he can gleefully comply to go to prison – since he’s still single as rumored to be his firm answer on the matter, but what can Filipinos gain from that? After all, Pnoy really did his best despite many of us knew that it was not good enough!


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