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Overcoming Negativity for a Happier Wellbeing


By: Gynn Flores


Happier WellbeingThere would be times when it seems that everything is just not right. There is a lot of negativity around you that you seem to be so consumed with problems and unpleasant events.  Know how to deal with all these and you will sooner or later overcome all these obstacles. Life is like a wheel, they say that some good things won’t last and so as the bad things – that are causing all the negative happenings. You have to learn how to turn negative circumstances into positive ones.  The good thing is – you can do this from within you. Here are the guidelines to feel good again:

  1. Always have a positive attitude. When problems come up, do not panic. Study the root cause of a dilemma and identify avenues where you can find solutions.
  2. Always be in control of the situation as much as possible. Now is the time to be more focused and to be on your guard.
  3. Always be open to suggestions from experienced people and trusted friends or loved ones. Weigh all these and make a sound decision.
  4. Always use time to your advantage. If the situation needs urgency, give it priority if not, allow some time for things to settle down and give yourself much needed time to troubleshoot.

  5. Always be hopeful and never lose faith. Sometimes our fears come from our inability to trust our judgment and capacity. When human judgment and capacity fails, know that that there is a Higher Authority bigger than our problems.
  6. Always have patience. Rome was not built in one day. Many wrong decisions are made when you hurry up things.
  7. Always have the courage to do things that you think can help solve the problems that you encounter. It may not always spell success but not trying at all will automatically make you lose the chance in solving the problem at hand.

Dealing with things varies depending on your style, attitude and capacity. Do not let negativity consume you.  Things happen for a reason and there is a solution for all problems.  It may not happen immediately but in time, things will fall into place. It may be impossible to get out from certain messes sometimes but miracles do happen – if only, you believe. At the end of the day when troubles persist, it may be time to call it a day and let tomorrow take care of things.

Negative circumstances come with lessons learned. It may be the hard way but they are needed in order for us to grow. It makes us stronger in facing each day with courage and hope in our hearts. If unattached, seek the comfort of people close to you. If with a partner, do not let the negativity affect your relationship. No matter how deep a certain problem is within a union or a marriage such as sexual dysfunction, this can be solved when partners are supportive with each other.

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