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Pacman’s word of honor: No Going Back to Duterte after Committing to Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Binay Brigade was very thankful to Manny Pacquiao earlier for not leaving outgoing Jejomar Binay behind during live campaigns. He was always present whenever his schedule permitted him to – despite the fact that he was always for Duterte. It just so happen that the presumptive President was still undecided to run when Pacquiao committed to Binay.

This is not at all a secret among them. To the contrary, they even have an alliance to topple Liberal Party in the top position and they emerged victorious. It did not matter to these two presidentiables whoever will win as president for as long as it is not from the Liberal Party.

Besides, the strategy worked because people who are disgusted with the media propaganda against Binay on corruption allegations, they have easy alternatives. If they want a popular one, they go for Duterte if not, to Senator Merriam Defensor Santiago – and the votes are safe from the yellow faction.

The not so known truth probably is the common choice of Duterte and Binay for Vice President and it’s no other than Bongbong Marcos.


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