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PAGCOR Chair cannot Tolerate Robredo: Tells International Audience Not to Believe Her


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. or PAGCOR chair Andrea Domingo tells an international audience composed of gaming investors not to believe a negative report by Leni Robredo to a UN body. She addresses delegates to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations gaming summit at the Conrad Hotel in Pasay City. She warns that Robredo would do “anything” to become president. Meanwhile, the President said; Stop it as he refers to impeachment plans against the VP. He will not countenance such move, he added.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: PAGCOR Chair Andrea Domingo urges people not to believe Leni Robredo because she maligns the country for her urgent need to be president. (GMA News clipping)

To See is to Believe

Domingo was talking about Robredo’s videotaped message to the annual meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Geneva. This is where the bewildered VP criticizes extrajudicial killings and human rights violations in the course of the Du30 administration’s war on drugs. The Pagcor chief asks the delegates to ignore Robredo’s attacks unless they start seeing for themselves the dead bodies in the streets or killings as described by Robredo.

Correction on Robredo’s UN Video

Robredo bared an alleged “palit-ulo” or swap heads scheme, where authorities would take a family member instead of the original person on the drug list. Malacañang and the Philippine National Police said Robredo misunderstood the issue because palito-ulo refers to  “a commitment of a drug suspect to provide assistance in the arrest of a bigger criminal in the illegal drug syndicate.”

Elected Post

The president reminds people that she is elected despite the ongoing electoral protest against her filed by Bongbong Marcos. He explains that her attacks against him are her expression of democracy. However, heads of the various departments in the government felt the negative effects of Robredo’s claims. Since the Philippines is a democratic country indeed, even the president cannot stop other government officials especially the House of Representatives and the Senate to impeach her.


Many are not in One with the President’s Call

Marcos loyalists Atty. Oliver Lozano and Melchor Chavez filed a draft impeachment complaint against Robredo at the House of Representatives, calling her “the termite of Government.” This is despite the knowledge that Bongbong Marcos cannot take over the VP post even is she is impeached without winning the electoral protest. It’s not only these political figures who are concerned on Robredo’s behavior but also the general public. Protests calling her to resign are evident via social media and street protests.

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