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Robredo-Marcos: It’s tampered – do not accept

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s time to stop hurting people on both sides of the game. It has proven than Comelec has tampered the server. It does not matter how minimal the tampering is – it’s still tampered. Is the featured image familiar to you? We are not advised to drink or eat tampered products. We can either get poisoned or die. The same as the VP election results. It’s deadly for Marcos’ and Robredo’s supporters.

Who can blame Senator Bongbong Marcos into speculating that there’s indeed fraud when the results trend changed overnight? Better yet, Comelec confessed doing minor tampering – but it’s not their call to say it’s minor nor any IT expert. The fact that it’s tampered plus there’s discrepancy between the 2 transparency servers – with one is intended to mirror the other.

In fairness to Leni Robredo also – you won’t be proud claiming the position when many people would think that you are cheating even if you are not. So, manual recount is a must if the ballots are not tampered yet. It is also ideal to conduct another Vice Presidential and Senatorial election because there are many unanswered questions on why such candidates won – and they surged just after Comelec tampered the server.

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Honasan Gave way to Binay-Marcos Tandem

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Copa’s campaign materials as per the direction of Pastor Boy Saycon only bear the Binay-Marcos tandem. It is obvious that this has been a plan all along to promote the alliance. The tandem promotion was also evident in Lucena City with the banners and streamers of the two displayed at Quezon Convention Center during the Southern Tagalog barangay heads gathering.

Former Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez who was the organizer of the event disclosed that Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez, who’s also running for senator and Marcos’ cousin made the arrangements.

He is confident however with the political alliance between Binay and Marcos – as he hinted that Honasan approved it. Senator Honasan does not mind being a dead hero – for as long as VP Binay wins; he said. Here’s the gentleman in uniform displaying his good character again. Senator Gringo Honasan is always ready to sacrifice for the good of the people as he believes in Vice President Jejomar Binay.

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Binay Rejects Pnoy’s Plan to Stop Duterte-Marcos Success

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Jejomar Binay recently rejected Pnoy’s plan to initiate a People Power protest should the leading vice presidential candidate Senator Bongbong Marcos wins. The President also vowed his life to stop the controversial presidentiable Mayor Rodrigo Duterte from governing since he is now leading on the poll surveys.

It is remembered that V.P. Binay was one of the main opposition leaders who convinced Duterte to run in the upcoming election – thereby giving alternative to voters who do not want to vote for him amidst the highly publicized corruption allegations that went nowhere. This is a strategy not to give chance to the reigning Liberal party to extend their stint.

Now that INC has officially endorsed the Duterte-Marcos tandem, chaos is foreseen with large possibility to reach the “failure of election” status. Whatever the President may end up doing for the tandem that he detests, V.P. Binay will be totally against it.

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Binay – Marcos to avenge Sabah slaughter and to claim it back

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was a heart-breaking episode in the life of Filipinos who knew about the Sabah claim’s history or worst, whose kin were slaughtered in Sabah during their so-called suicide mission. They knew that they can easily lose their lives during the operation – but they cannot bear living without doing something about it. The act was condemned by the Pnoy administration – and instead of rescuing them as the President of the country, he tolerated the Malaysians to kill them.

True Filipinos will stand side by side along with their Muslim brothers and for the Sabah claim, it’s only Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senator Bongbong Marcos who bravely support the plan with the military wisdom of Senator Gringo Honasan. This is what a good executive team of the country should do in circumstance like this one.

Of course, there’s Princess Jacel Kiram from the family of the Sabah heirs running for a seat in the senate – to remind our future leaders of their promise. The future of the Sabah claim is now in your hands. Please vote wisely!

Source: The Daily Tribune

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Gringo is not for the Win – but for Bongbong?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
We already know by now that Senator Gringo Honasan is a man of few words – but very prinipled at that! Selflessness is evident in the different stages of his life with an utmost goal of serving his country. This humble soldier now senator would indeed do everything that he can – to make Philippines a better place to be.

Judging from his political developments, he is not always running to win. In fact, he probably never aspired for the country’s second highest position if not for V.P. Binay. It is obvious that he strategically places himself in an aspect that would benefit his favored candidate or party for the good of the people. Could it be that Senator Gringo this time is running as Vice President not to win – but for endorsing Bongbong Marcos?

Both Senator Gringo and V.P. Binay were involved in the EDSA revolution that toppled the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Why are they endorsing the younger Marcos then? Senator Gringo was quoted as saying: Why burden the son for the sins of the father?

Whatever the case may be, Senator Bongbong Marcos, Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senator Gringo Honasan are obviously joining forces to weaken the current administration’s LP party.

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Baby had much fun but then ouch

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores



How much can your home be child-friendly? Perhaps, we are looking at the worst thing to happen but not the basic ones that can hamper good and safe fun time with children. Take the case of baby Lance simply having fun playing with his Uncle Kohn. The baby had much fun until…No one would think that this will happen. Watch this:

It might be natural that babies can simply have bumps and bruises during the “going to be a toddler” age – but there are many things that adults can do to avoid unnecessary pain. The video clearly shows how a simple rearrangement of furniture can save baby Lance’s day!



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The 5th Filipina to Win the Miss International Title

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

2011-07-28 Miss International Interview Day
2011-07-28 Miss International Interview Day (Photo credit: pageantcast)

Bea Rose Santiago is the 5th Filipina to win the Miss International title. She was crowned recently as  Miss International 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. Past winners from the Philippines in the Miss International pageant were Gemma Cruz – 1964; Aurora Pijuan -1970, Melanie Marquez – 1979 and Precious Lara Quigaman – 2005. Read this wonderful news:

Miss Philippines wins Miss International 2013


MANILA, Philippines – Miss Philippines Bea Rose Santiago was crowned Miss International 2013 on Tuesday, December 17, at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Hall in Tokyo.
This is the 5th Miss International title for the Philippines and the 3rd major crown by a Filipina this year, following wins by Megan Young at Miss World and Mutya Datul at Miss Supranational.

Bea is not only beautiful from the outside but also in the inside. No one can ignore her grace and charm – and most especially her genuine outlook on the aftermath of the devastation brought about by Typhoon Yolanda. This is a clear example how beautiful it is to hear positive things from a tragic experience. It is evident that in her capacity as Miss International 2013, she can definitely bring nations together!

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Is Bong Bong Marcos Presidentiable?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

I idolized the late President Ferdinand Marcos same as I wanted to be like the late Ninoy Aquino – at least in his ability to handle public speaking and his journalistic skills. I was living in Thailand for 15 years and I was not in the country when President Marcos was ousted. When I came back for good in 2005, I began soul searching. I did not only research about my past but also about the personalities whom I looked up to. I got most of my reference materials from the Aquino museum in Tarlac for my research on Ninoy – but I was dismayed for the fact that he was using his media capabilities to rebel against the government despite not making a move to verify allegations. He was totally on the other side and believed only one-sided stories. So, I decided to look into the Marcos’ side. Believing that you can see how the parents were through the children, I was anxious to watch this video:

Powerhouse (Bahay ni Sen. Bong Bong Marcos) – 17 September 2013 Tuesday (Full Episode)

Posted at YouTube by: GMA PinoyTV  

Is Bong Bong Marcos Presidentiable? I am not there yet to answer that question but I noted the following traits observed during the interview:

  • The late President Marcos never lost his temper
  • The Marcos children were protected from the traumatic experience during the Edsa revolution
  • Bong Bong Marcos is a wide reader – and he also read about the enemies of his father’s regime
  • There’s no sign of hatred in Bong Bong Marcos’s heart over the Aquino clan
  • Bong Bong Marcos is a logistic planner when he implemented improvements in his Ilocos territory
  • He is a fluent Tagalog speaker despite spending most of his young life abroad

The rest you can judge for yourself from the video. All I can say is – you can clearly see how knowledgeable Bong Bong Marcos is with what he is into, in contrast with President Noynoy Aquino’s CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour where he seems to be in limbo – answering the opposite on what is seen in the footage of the Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda aftermath. Your call!

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Hip Replacement at 25?

By: Elena Grace Flores

The patient’s right hip joint replaced by a me...
The patient’s right hip joint replaced by a metal head and a plastic cup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was alarming when my daughter called me today that the result of her check up for her leg problem that caused her limping style of walking was due to the femur bone’s death – due to not receiving enough blood supply. The doctor suspected that it was caused by post natal trauma. I researched the subject and found this:


by: MedlinePlus

Osteonecrosis occurs when part of the bone does not get blood and dies. After a while the bone can collapse. If this condition is not treated, the joint will deteriorate and this will become severe arthritis.

Osteonecrosis can be caused by disease, or a severe trauma, such as a break or dislocation, that affects the blood supply to the bone.

So, I guess Osteonecrosis is the culprit and bone grafting is the remedy recommended by the doctor due to her age. Hip replacement is a very good alternative but it can last only until 10 years. So, if she’s going to have that option at 25, she has to do it again when she reaches 35. The purpose of bone grafting is to delay the total collapse of the bone since it cannot be repaired anymore at stage 3. I am just hoping that she will have the dedication to trim down as much as she can – to make it easy for her legs to bear the weight of her body.

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Son, I Love You



By: Geraldine G. Flores (Ms. “G”) 

Español: Regreso del hijo pródigo, Louvre
Español: Regreso del hijo pródigo, Louvre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rebellion sometimes happen when parents unintentionally hurt their children while trying to discipline them. No matter how hard it is, we should always honor our father and mother regardless of the situation – because they can’t be with us forever! Here’s a short script between a brother and a prodigal son…

Najmi: Rahim, Rahim.
Rahim: Why are you here?

Najmi: “There’s no place like home, my dearest brother,.” So you better come home with me now.
Rahim: I’m sorry, but this is my home. I’m happy here. I don’t think father would like to see me – for him, everything I do is wrong!

Najmi: Of course not! Father is just telling you things for your own good but you don’t listen to him, you ran out of the house! Mother is always crying because of your absence.
Rahim: Excuse me Najmi. You’re just my younger brother. Don’t act like father. Go back to your house now! I’ll stay here. They’re nice to me. They’re like a family to me now.

Najmi: I really don’t want to get angry with you Rahim but I’m having difficulty controlling myself but I can have more patience because of father. He pleaded for me not to be angry with you. He wants you to go back home because he loves you so much!
Rahim: Loves me so much? Huh! You’re kidding! I know- he doesn’t care for me. He even scolded me over the phone, so – I hung up.

Najmi: Even for the last time, you don’t want to see father?
Rahim: What do you mean for the last time?

Najmi: Father’s gone – and it’s all because of you! (both with tears in their eyes now)
Rahim: What? Father’s dead? Oh no! I don’t believe you.

Najmi: Yes, it’s true, when you hung up on him over the phone, he had a heart attack but before he died, he asked me to give him your picture. He embraced it and he said, “I love you my son. I miss you. Please come home.”
Rahim: Father…. I’m so sorry. I love you too father. Please forgive me.

Najmi: (Nods his head) Let’ go home…
Rahim: Yes and from now on I’ll be a good son and a good brother to you also.

Lesson in life: We can lose a loved one in an instant so, always let them know you care.


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